With more than 6 million people, the former capital of Brazil is still the main gateway to our country. It houses our PTO, Federal Courts in which I.P. disputes are ruled and the first specialized I.P. Courts in charge of infringement disputes within the State.

ARARIPE is based in the heart of this vibrant city, in front of the State Court, four blocks away from the Federal Court, and within walking distance from the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office – INPI. Not by chance, this office concentrates its work on administrative disputes and I.P. litigation.

Rua da Assembléia, 10 Gr. 3710
20011-901 Centro
Rio de Janeiro RJ Brazil
Tel. +55 (21) 2531-1799

Located on the mountains that surrounds the city of Rio de Janeiro, the city of Petrópolis (city of Peter) is known for its ties with the monarchy that once ruled Brazil. Because of its proximity with the then capital of the country and its pleasant weather, Petrópolis has become not only a popular touristic destiny, but home to a number of high-tech industries and research centers.

The Petrópolis office of ARARIPE houses its patent practice, all electronic docketing and formality work carried in prosecution of both patent, trademark and design applications.

Avenida Ipiranga, 668
25610-150 Centro
Petrópolis RJ Brazil
Tel. +55 (24) 2103-2200
Fax +55 (24) 2103-2201

This 12 million people megalopolis is known to be the major business city in South America. A good portion of our industry was born in São Paulo. Though most have gone south or to other smaller cities in the state of the same name, the city remains the capital of opportunities for many.

Apart from counseling our local clients, ARARIPESão Paulo office is deeply engaged in I.P. litigation.

Our São Paulo office is strategically located with easy access to one of the cities main arteries, close to the Court House and still just 10 minutes from the local airport.

Alameda Santos, 200 CJ.71
01418-000 Cerqueira César
São Paulo SP Brazil
Tel. +55 (11) 3263-0087

The southernmost state capital of the country, with a population of 1.5 million people, is responsible for a connecting our industry with most of our neighbors at the Mercosur. The strategic geographical position and long standing affinities with Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, is responsible for the strive of commerce and business in its surrounding areas.

ARARIPE could not fail to have a presence in such important city, essencial to our objective of providing service of excellence with national coverage to our clients.

Av. Doutor Nilo Peçanha, 1221 Sala 1303
91330-000 Boa Vista
Porto Alegre RS Brazil
Tel. +55 (51) 3377-9980