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Maria Cristina
Maria Cristina Silveira Domingos
Head of the Patent Department
Specialties: Patent, All

Professional Profile

Maria Cristina joined ARARIPE in 2008 as a patent technician, developing continuously in the area, inspiring and training new talents, becoming Head of the Patent Department in 2020.

Graduate in Chemistry and Master in Biochemistry, both by the Federal University ofRio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Maria Cristina has contributed, since 1992, to the academic field through several scientific publications, such as “Dissociation of a Native Dimer to a Molten Globule Monomer Effects of Pressure and Dilution on the Association Equilibrium of Arc Repressor” , published in the Journal of Molecular Biology, “Energy Coupling between DNA binding and Subunit Association is Responsible for the Specificity of DNA-ARC Interaction”, and “Assay for in vivo Yeast Invertase Activity Using NaF”.

As Head of the Patent Department at ARARIPE, Cristina uses her expertise to coordinate the works related to patent prosecution, from the draft of the application to the patent granting, supervising and thoroughly reviewing each step.


Patent and Designs.


  • Degree in Chemistry by Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ); and
  • Masters in Biochemistry by Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).


Conselho Regional de Química (CRQ).


Ingles, Português, Francês