Cláudia Figueira Py

In 2017, Cláudia began to work in the Intellectual Property area at Araripe Advogados, promoting the office’s operations in the southern Brazil and developing long-standing partnerships with national companies which were looking for legal advice in Intellectual Property. Extracurricular Courses: Workshop on the importance of Intellectual Property for small and medium-sized business and startups, both […]

Selma Huan Kuang

Selma began her career in intellectual property with focus on litigation, specifically in trademark and patent. She joined Araripe Advogados in mid-2021, assisting the department to offer an excellent standard of service to our clients. Extracurricular Courses: Extension Courses in Intellectual Property, General Personal Data Protection Brazilian Law at Instituto de Tecnologia e Sociedade – […]

Mila de Oliveira Ieker

Mila joined Araripe Advogados as a trademark intern in 2009. She was hired as a lawyer in 2011, due to her continuous development and hard work in the office. Extracurricular Courses: Advanced Course in Trademarks at Brazilian Industrial Property Agents Association – ABAPI (Associação Brasileira de Agentes da Propriedade Industrial). Education: Bachelor’s degree in Law […]

Luiza Albuquerque de Alencar Araripe

Luiza Araripe began her professional career as an intern at ARARIPE, shortly after being admitted to the Brazilian Institute of Market and Capital of Rio de Janeiro Law School. Later, she worked with public bids and arbitration in two large law firms of Rio de Janeiro, participating in national and international arbitration competitions, such as […]

Erika Marchetto Alhadas

Erika Marchetto Alhadas began her professional life in IP in the year of 2000, working for the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial – INPI). Hired to work at the Patent Department (DIRPA) in the area of recordal of assignment rights, she later joined the Trademark Department (DIRMA), where she had […]

João Cláudio Baptista Henrichs

João Cláudio began in the Intellectual Property at Araripe Advogados in early 2021. He has been developing partnerships among companies and promoting our services in the regional industrial complexes of the mountainous cities in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Extracurricular courses: Intellectual Property General Course at World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO, the Image […]

Bárbara Cavalcante de Siqueira Gomes Henriques Migueis

Bárbara began at Araripe Advogados as an assistant in the Financial Department in 2009. In 2018, she changed her role to trademark assistant, where she carries out excellent work. Extracurricular Courses: Specialized Course on the Madrid System for the International Registration of Trademarks in the World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO – and Intellectual Property […]

Marcelo Haroldo Vieira

Marcelo joined Araripe Advogados Law Firm in the Intellectual Property area in 1989. Since then, he has been working and contributing to the success of the department. In 2006, Marcelo became the Head of Protocol Department. He has been on our team for the longest time.  Education: Instituto Nacional de Propriedade Industrial – INPI (Brazilian […]