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Barbie: The power of a famous trademark



Barbie, the most anticipated movie of the year and with the biggest pre-sale of all time from Warner in Brazil, premieres today, July 20. 


The trademark was launched by the toy company Mattel in 1959 and, since then, it has been an icon of the toy industry for decades. Its longevity in the market and its ability to stay relevant over time have contributed to its good reputation. 


With its first trademark application filed in Brazil as early as 1979, the Barbie trademark was considered, in 2015, as a famous trademark in the country. 


To recall, a famous trademark is a status granted by the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) that guarantees special and expanded protection to the rights of a trademark due to its reputation, prestige and popularity, having a significant added value, which makes the brand protected  for all products and services.


Going through several transformations, following cultural and social changes, the trademark has already represented different professions, ethnicities and lifestyles, seeking to connect with an increasingly diverse audience.


In addition, the trademark owner, Mattel Inc., has invested in impactful marketing campaigns, using innovative strategies to promote it. The doll is often associated with events and collaborations, which expands its presence in the market and strengthens the emotional bond with its consumers, becoming a cultural icon and a highlighted figure in pop culture. Making appearances in movies, TV shows, magazines and in fashion events, Barbie has become a symbol of elegance and beauty for many people.


Also, in order to contribute to the sales success at the launch of the film, Mattel Inc. carried out several trademark licensing contracts with companies with high media reach in Brazil, launching limited collections of clothes at Zara and C&A, nail polishes with OPI, cappuccinos with Biscoitê, pink paints with Coral, and several others, reaching billionaire revenues even before the movie debut.


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