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Technology and franchise contracts

The National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) recently published Ordinances/INPI/PR No. 26/2023 and No. 27/2023, bringing important changes to the procedures for registering Industrial Property and franchising contracts. The new rules, the result of deliberations held in December 2022, aim to simplify and streamline the processes for registering and recording contracts, boosting innovation and the […]


When producing content on the Internet, it is necessary to think about various legal factors so that third party rights are not infringed, especially with regard to Copyright. It is imperative to identify, for example, in the image used, the origin of the publication, as well as the type of license of use, checking if […]

Barbie: The power of a famous trademark

    Barbie, the most anticipated movie of the year and with the biggest pre-sale of all time from Warner in Brazil, premieres today, July 20.    The trademark was launched by the toy company Mattel in 1959 and, since then, it has been an icon of the toy industry for decades. Its longevity in […]

Christian Louboutin: The protection of the red soles in Brazil

The French brand Christian Louboutin applied for protection for the famous red sole of its shoes in Brazil back in 2009, when there were no regulations for so-called “position marks” in the country. In 2021, with the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) Administrative Rule n. 37, this type of registration was allowed, which is […]

Registration of Trademarks with “CORONAVIRUS/COVID”

The first case of the new coronavirus in Brazil was confirmed in February 26, 2020, in Sao Paulo[1]. Our country since then has had to adapt to what is referred to as “a new normal”. Given this new globe scenario, new consumer needs and habits took place. These needs and habits challenged many entrepreneurs to […]

Pharmaceutical Patents in Brazil

Prior to the 1996, the Industrial Property Law (from now on, referred to as LPI), pharmaceutical products were excluded from patent protection in our country. In April of 1997, under the above-mentioned law, chemical pharmaceutical inventions and transgenic microorganisms came under the protection of this law. There followed a heated debate about granting exclusive rights […]

Patent Examination Backlog: the 4 year examination goals

Among the most deserved critics of the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) was its long-lasting and extreme backlog in the examination of both patent and trademark applications. Several reasons could be listed for such a chaotic situation, varying from lack of the government´s political interest in solving the matter to plain inefficiency of the […]

Non Fungible Tokens – NFTs

            A mídia especializada tem dado especial destaque para os NFTs. Os Non-Fungible Tokens, ou Tokens Não Fungíveis, fazem parte de um conceito abstrato que, no mundo da Internet, não demorou a viralizar devido aos valores envolvidos na sua comercialização.             Este conceito, porém, começou a ser desenvolvido há quase uma década, através do uso da tecnologia […]

Non Fungible Tokens – NFTs

The specialized media has highlighted NFTs. The non-Fungible Tokens are part of an abstract concept in the world of Internet. These tokens have gone viral due to their high sales value. This concept, however, began to be developed more than a decade ago through the use of blockchain technology. This technology is relevant in this […]

The importance of a Prior Registry Search of a Trademark

Before delving into the theme of this article, it is important to highlight that Brazilian Law demands that a request for trademark be filed with the legally competent institution known as The National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) in order to be granted a registered trademark. Thus, the first to file the of trademark application […]