Tatiana Isabel da Silva Bastos

Tatiana joined Araripe Advogados in mid-2021, in the Financial Department as an assistant to help the sector develop and enhance client experience in efficiency and pleasantness.  Extracurricular Courses: Financial Fraud Prevention at Financeira Itaú/Cartões FIC, Microsoft Office at Instituto Nacional de Cursos Profissionalizantes – INCP. Management and Procedures at EURODATA, and Customer Experience at Ponto […]

Bruna de Souza Ribeiro

Bruna began at Araripe Advogados in 2020 as an assistant in the financial department, developing the department, focusing on making the client experience even more efficient and pleasant. Education: Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Universidade Norte do Paraná – UNOPAR.

Karina Maia Klayn

Karina began at Araripe Advogados in 1996. She has been developing her financial qualifications over time, becoming the head of the finance department in 2016. Extracurricular courses: Financial Management of Intellectual Property Law Firms at Intellectual Property Association of São Paulom– ASPI (Associação Paulista de Propriedade Intelectual) and Human Resources Development at Alterdata.  Education: Bachelor’s […]

Jorge Assunção

Jorge joined Intellectual Property at Araripe Advogados in 1989. Since then, he has been working and contributing to the success of the office results as one of our longest employees. Education: Bachelor’s degree in Teaching at Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro – UERJ, specializing degree in Planning, Implementation and Management of Distance Education at […]

Aline da Silva do Nascimento

Aline do Nascimento began her professional career in the area of Intellectual Property as a legal secretary at Araripe Advogados in 2018, helping and contributing to the organization of partners in the daily operational demands, especially in the Petrópolis office.