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Adriana Maia Figueiredo

Adriana started her career at ARARIPE in 2023, after having worked for 09 years in the Credit and Collection Area in a law firm specialized in Mass Banking Litigation. In addition to having legal training, he chose to pursue specialization in the Technology area, completing, in 2022, a Postgraduate Degree in Business Intelligence And Analytics […]

Mateus Kenji Shimada

Mateus started his activities at ARARIPE in mid 2022, after working as a trainee at the Technical School Support Foundation (FAETEC) of Tatuapé. During his college days, he was the director of the Academic Center of the Petroleum Engineering Course, being responsible for managing  the course’s curricular structure, estimates and changes in disciplines. Since joining […]

Douglas Lopes Schmidt

Previously dedicated to the area of Information Technology and computers maintenance, Douglas began his journey in the Intellectual Property field in December, 2021, as an Engineering trainee, working with ARARIPE’s Patent and Design Department. Since then, Douglas has taken a number of courses in the area of Intellectual Property, such as the General Intellectual Property […]

Bruno Esteves Pereira

Bruno started his activities in the Intellectual Property area in the beginning of 2021, as ARARIPE’s trainee in the Patent and Design Department. Since then, he completed the General Intellectual Property Course by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Capabilities: Patent and Designs. Education: Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering by Catholic University of Petrópolis (UCP).

Luiz de Alencar Araripe Jr.

Luiz de Alencar Araripe Junior began his professional life at Petrobrás – Petróleo Brasileiro S.A., participating in the opening of the company’s office in Houston, Texas, and the acquisition of considerable part of the equipment and technology to be used in the offshore fields of Campos (Brazil). Back to Brazil in 1982, he founded, with […]

Eduardo Albuquerque de Alencar Araripe

Eduardo joined ARARIPE in 2011 as a Trademark Intern, migrating to the Software and Information Technology area in 2019 and becoming Head of the IT Department in 2020. Throughout the years, he was responsible for recreating the entire server area of ​​the office, as well as for developing internal management software adaptations for the particular […]

Maria Cristina Silveira Domingos

Maria Cristina joined ARARIPE in 2008 as a patent technician, developing continuously in the area, inspiring and training new talents, becoming Head of the Patent Department in 2020. Graduate in Chemistry and Master in Biochemistry, both by the Federal University ofRio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Maria Cristina has contributed, since 1992, to the academic field through […]