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Licensing and Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer is a common market practice as a form of developing innovation. It can be in an isolated form or part of a corporative transaction as well as a larger outsourcing. In ARARIPE, our Technology Transfer and Licensing team guarantees that these forms occur in the fastest, most secure, and efficient way possible, making […]

Geographical Indications

The protection of Geographical Indications is constantly being enhanced in our country and in the most diverse regions of the world. This protection motivates business in these specifics areas and adds value to their products or services. Our team expertise in the process of registration of Geographical Indications makes it possible for us to offer […]

Unfair Competition

Our team is experienced in identifying Unfair Competition. We defend our clients’ Intellectual Property assets against imitation and infringement and, when needed, against allegation of third-party violation of rights. We contribute to the development of a preventive infringement culture. We collaborate with a network with associates and private investigators worldwide to identify potential infringements by […]


Our expertise in franchising procedures and franchising contracts is aimed at developing operations to maximize the expected return. Our franchise team is dedicated to building and promoting an unique offer of legal expertise in business in a personalized way and with partnerships so that the process becomes less stressful and well structured.   What is […]

Integrated Circuit Topography

Popularly known as “Chip”. It is set of related images codified under any means or form to configure three-dimensionally the layers which compose an integrated circuit. Each image represents the geometric arrangement of the surface of the integrated circuit at any stage of its conception or production. This Intellectual Property asset is considered susceptible of […]


We meet the diverse demands of software services, such as new business models, SaaS and cloud computing as Software has gained ever more space in our daily lives, representing billions of dollars. We at ARARIPE are ready face these new challenges guaranteeing exclusive rights because of our highly experienced and specialized team in this area, […]


Copyright has become a very complex and critical set of legal rights in our modern technological world. Our specialized lawyers in copyright are used to dealing with traditional themes, such as the protection of literature, phonograms, audiovisual works, and software. Furthermore, we are apt at protecting new themes within copyright such as eBooks, NFT Regulations, […]

Industrial Design

Our extensive experience in representing diverse clients from various markets in both civil and criminal litigation has given us the expertise in providing legal advice on projects to avoid and defend violation claims. Our clients’ activities encompass various industries, such as: fashion; automobile; consumer electronics; household appliances; toys; packaging; medical devices and many others. Our […]


We offer all services related to the protection of Patents of Invention and Utility Models. These services include: starting with the preparation for the application process; Prior Art Search; drafting of descriptive reports; and up to the granting and licensing. Our solid experience in both national and international law encompasses obtaining patent rights in Brazil […]


Our practice encompasses services relating to trademark protection together with the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office. It also includes management of domestic and international portfolios, strategic legal advice, infringement watch, as well as trademark litigation, company names, Internet domains and trade dress. We believe we can offer the best strategic analysis of Intellectual Property rights […]