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Geographical Indications


Geographical Indications

The protection of Geographical Indications is constantly being enhanced in our country and in the most diverse regions of the world. This protection motivates business in these specifics areas and adds value to their products or services.

Our team expertise in the process of registration of Geographical Indications makes it possible for us to offer the most adequate cost-benefit services to our clients, protecting their assets which are extremely important to the Brazilian culture.


What are Geographical Indications?

Geographical Indications are defined as specific signs of quality used in the process of producing and commercializing certified products which have previously met established quality standards. There are 2 categories, first the indication of origin or source of a specific geographical location of a territory, known for its specific product or service and wherein they are produced. The second category relates to the designation of origin or source which is also associated to a specific geographical location within a territory which defines a product or service as having exclusive qualities essentially due to their geographical location where they are produced or offered.


  • Legal and strategical advice;
  • Legal advice on how Geographical Indications are identified;
  • Viability analysis of Geographical Indication protection and legal advice to modify terms which do not allow registration;
  • Registration and monitoring of the administrative procedure before the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office;
  • Analysis and modification of items which can be altered;
  • Dispute resolution, nationally and internationally;
  • Administrative or judicial litigation, before State and Federal Courts and abroad; and
  • Infringement watch and legal advice on how to contest such infringements.