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Industrial Design


Industrial Design

Our extensive experience in representing diverse clients from various markets in both civil and criminal litigation has given us the expertise in providing legal advice on projects to avoid and defend violation claims. Our clients’ activities encompass various industries, such as: fashion; automobile; consumer electronics; household appliances; toys; packaging; medical devices and many others.

Our broad experience in litigation helps us to provide our clients legal advice to mitigate the risks in licensing, sale and acquisition of design rights. We also attempt to solve conflict in out of court settlements through effective and creative strategies to strengthen and defend claims of violation. We further act as mediators and arbitrators when the client demands, avoiding unnecessary loss of money and time.


What is Industrial Design?

It is the ornamental plastic form  of an object or a set of ornamental lines and colors which can be applied to a product giving it a new and original visual appeal in its external configuration and which can be manufactured industrially.

Validity: Industrial Designs are valid for 10 years, starting from the date of the application, which can be renewed for 3 consecutive periods of 5 years each (the maximum possible protection time is 25 years).


  • Prior Art Search;
  • Application and enforceability strategies;
  • Full monitoring of Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office’s procedures and examinations;
  • Annuity and renewal payments;
  • Licensing and other business transaction contracts;
  • Portfolio diligence and auditing;
  • Defense of Industrial Design rights;
  • Infringement watch;
  • Competition watch; and
  • Litigation and dispute resolutions, nationally and internationally;


INPI – National Institute of Industrial Propert, or the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office is the government agency responsible for the examination and registration of trademarks in Brazil. Their headquarters are in Rio de Janeiro.