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We meet the diverse demands of software services, such as new business models, SaaS and cloud computing as Software has gained ever more space in our daily lives, representing billions of dollars.

We at ARARIPE are ready face these new challenges guaranteeing exclusive rights because of our highly experienced and specialized team in this area, dedicated to act and react rapidly, whether it be (a) adjusting licenses for third parties, (b) negotiating licenses or (c) developing strategic solutions in order to meet our clients’ interests, in a completely personalized way.


What is software?

Software is a set of instructions that tell a computer or an electromechanical appliance how to work. The objective is to achieve a specific result. This set of instructions is composed of a source code developed in one of the multiple program languages available.

Validity: 50 years, starting from January 1st of the following year of its publication or creation (if there is no publication).


  • Legal and strategic advice;
  • Monitoring of the procedures and examination of the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office;
  • Application and renewals for national and foreign registration;
  • Portfolio acquisition and auditing;
  • Negotiating, licensing agreements and ownership transfer;
  • Dispute of resolutions nationally and internationally;
  • Administrative proceedings and lawsuits abroad;
  • Litigation before the State and Federal Courts of Brazil;
  • Infringement watch committed by third-parties and legal advice on how to contest such infringements; and
  • Legal Advise on necessary changes to avoid violations as well as legal advice on defense arguments and proceedings.


The “Graphical User Interface” is a form which allows the user to interact with electronic devices, through visual representations, icons, audios indicators, layouts, images, in a visual form with the set of functionalities of Software (popularly known as “screen” of a computer program).